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Nailing the one percenters

Christina Salvo launched her online practise in July 2020, and the first three months were a flop. Her pre-launch had actually gone really well, but her online solution just wasn’t working.

She just about gave it all up.

But she persisted with incremental changes to her website, until one day, it just clicked. 

She went from earning $5k in July, to $100k in February. And she hasn’t looked back. 

Christina’s going to explain how she did it in a 1 hour FREE WEBINAR, including sharing the exact changes she made and why they worked.

During this FREE webinar, you'll learn:

How to successfully pre-launch an online legal solution.
Learn how Christina started making money and serving clients before she even had a website.

How to really resonate with your ideal client.
See how Christina got the most out of her website by understanding what her clients wanted.

How to earn sustainable revenue through an online legal service. Discover how Christina’s practise makes $100k a month through its website.


Christina Salvo
Practise Director

This time last year, COVID-19 forced Christina Salvo to walk away from her career as a hotelier.

Since her own nightmare divorce, she’d always thought she could run a separation service that was more amicable, and better for the children involved.

A successful pre-launch proved her concept of an automated, online service, but she still wasn’t resonating with her ideal client enough.

By making improvements in eight key areas, her revenue increased exponentially.

Now, after just eight months, her practise earns a sustainable $100k a month.

Zac Bingham
Automio Chief Operating Officer

A former corporate lawyer, Zac became Automio’s Chief Operating Officer in 2019.

He runs the day-to-day business at Automio, and helps to implement Automio’s strategies to grow the law firms of legal entrepreneurs all over the world.

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Bradley Watson

"I got a lot out of this webinar. Thank you very much"

Trudy Kean

"Best hour of advice I've received."

Simon Tupman

"It was an excellent session with loads of tips for entrepreneurial-minded lawyers"

Iveta Bales

"Cannot recommend this webinar enough - it was awesome!! Claudia and the Automio crew you guys rock!"

Carmen Jillett

"Your webinars are so damn awesome!"

Emma Aldersea

“You are offering enormous value and assistance to us all during this time. Thank you!”

This webinar is perfect for law firm owners looking to resonate with their clients better.

Christina will explain her eight focus areas, including in-depth detail of how she improved in each area.

This is a MASTERCLASS in running an online law firm, utilising automation and growing a law firm by focusing on a specific market.