Take your law firm from 6 figures to 7 figures.


You are going to grow your law firm to 7 figures.

Because you've got what it takes: awesome legal expertise, a growth mindset, a big vision....and you don't give up.

But you're not sure how to get there. Which means you could have years left of hustling and long hours ahead while you work it out.


Scale Up is a 12 month programme for entrepreneurial lawyers who are determined to scale their law firms to 7 figures.

In Scale Up you will build a law firm that gives you more:




Be #1 in your niche. Have a long-lasting impact on the lives of many, instead of just a few.

Earn revenue every that isn’t tied to the number of hours you work. Scale your firm to 7 figures.

Design a strategic law firm that lets you live. Do the work you love for the clients you love. 

The Scale Up philosophy is:


To take your law firm from 6 figures to 7 figures you need:

To PROMOTE yourself so that potential clients connect with you and are inspired to take action.

To PRODUCTISE your valuable legal expertise and experience so you can scale your law firm.

To PERFORM by consistently getting fabulous results for your clients.

Our software, coaching, materials and training are designed around these 3 tools to take your law firm from 6 figures to 7 figures.

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What's included in Scale Up 

The Plan

  • Scale Up Onramp 
  • 7 Figure Firm Plan 
  • In-person Retreat 
  • 12 Step Roadmap

The Tools

  • Member Site 
  • Automio subscription 
  • Monthly Online Workshop 
  • Email copy, ad copy, sales scripts, checklists, templates, website and landing page structure and copy, worksheets.

The Help

  • Weekly Office Hours 
  • Accountability Groups 
  • 1-On-1 Coaching 
  • Marketing and Technology Help 
  • Mindset and Wellbeing Coaching 
  • Private Community Group

The details

Length of programme: 12 months

In-person retreat: 6-7 March 2020

Meeting day/time: Tuesdays 12pm AEST 

Automio Customer Results

Check out these incredible wins by some of our innovative customers.

Martin Richardson

Corvus Legal

Martin launched his online legal solution to help recruitment businesses and pitched it in a presentation to 21 ideal clients. From this presentation: 

  • He booked 14 calls  
  • He sold to 7 clients  
  • One of those clients was worth $20k  

Rizwana McDonald

Foundd Legal

Riz sold her first solution on day of launch while she was sleeping. Riz's solution was 3 times the price she planned to sell it for (based on our advice - we told her to triple the price).

Cheryl Simes


Cheryl Simes earns $2000 per week from her probate bot. "I found Automio around the time I realised I wanted to balance the demands of family law practice as well as niche down to meet a need and scale my law firm." - Cheryl Simes, Kiwilaw Read the full Kiwilaw case study.

Layburn Hodgins

Layburn Hodgins created a lead magnet using an Automio bot and got 99 new customer leads in 1 week. 

Beach Law

Beach Law sold 17 Wills in one week.

“When you take into account our Automio subscription and marketing costs, our ROI from using Automio is 990% - and we’ve only just started to scratch the surface.”

- Rochelle Belworthy, Beach Law  

Read the full Beach Law case study

Perpetua Kish

Balance Family Law

Pepe, a family attorney, launched an online legal solution to help people going through amicable divorces and she sold 5 in her first week. 

Would you like some help with designing a scalable online legal solution that will transform your law firm?

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Hi, I'm Claudia

After feeling exhausted and miserable early in my legal career I decided to find a way to use my legal expertise to scale my law firm without trading hours for dollars, and to help 1000s of clients instead of just a few.  

I tried to find a clear strategic plan I could implement against to achieve this. I tried using different software, business coaches and marketing agencies. But no one could provide me with a clear plan to scale my law firm. So I decided to create my own framework to scale my law firm, now known as the Scale Up framework.  

I went on to launch New Zealand’s first online legal service, Legal Beagle, and served 4,000+ clients online. I scaled my law firm's revenue from 6 figures to 7 figures. Through this work, my team and I have some of the best experience in this part of the world with designing, marketing and selling scalable online legal solutions.

And this is my vision for you ...

One day soon you will enjoy family, success, money, freedom, and impact in your lawyer life....all while getting some decent sleep night.  

Not by busting your ass, not by neglecting your family, not by doing work that makes you miserable.... but by leveraging automation and your intellectual property, building an authentic brand and designing a strategic law firm.

So ... are you in?

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What entrepreneurial lawyers are saying

"The scale your law firm framework Claudia teaches is easy to understand and full of value for lawyers who want to use their website to serve and sell online. Her experience with scaling her own firm online means that she understands the very real challenges lawyers face and how to turn them into opportunities to grow and scale law firms." Clarissa Rayward, The Happy Family Lawyer

"Since starting my own law firm a couple of years ago, I have grappled with my dependence on referrals and other ‘traditional’ methods of obtaining new clients, and time I have to spend just keeping up. However, I was also sceptical of the ability to transform the way I work and find ways to generate revenue via online. It is now that I am implementing Claudia’s 9 step framework she teaches that I’m making huge leaps in clarifying how I can generate real income via online services, and what’s really possible for me and my ideal clients. Claudia’s pioneering success in this area means every lesson is one she learned in the real world, including the mistakes and wins that I am now using to accelerate my own online solution. Claudia has such a way of delivering her content that you can’t but help be inspired by her. And for me, the results are coming quickly." Martin Richardson, Corvus Group